Anna Fryer "FRICTION" at 3331 ARTS CYD

The 3331 ARTS CYD is currently holding a solo exhibition by Anna Fryer (formerly Zmyslowska). Some may remember her work from the last year’s graduation show with Tokyo University of the Arts (Tokyo Geidai), where she is currently working on her PhD in painting.

Outwardly, the biggest difference from her recent contribution to Tokyo Geidai show is Fryer’s ample use of the wall to expand her painting beyond the canvas itself (although she has worked with incorporating the wall space earlier, for her solo exhibition “ATMOSPHERIC” held in Sapporo in 2009). The fifteen works in “FRICTION” are arranged in seven clusters of two or three with painted spaces between them.
As she challenges the limits of the frame, Fryer expertly avoids any semblance of decorativity inherent in an extension of the painted surface onto the wall. Moreover, she takes advantage of this newly constructed space to add an extra dimension to her painting, moving her works towards the spacial/painterly constructions El Lissitzky would have approved.

The show will be on through September 27. More information about the artist is on her website.