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Chim↑Pom at Yamanoto Gendai

The following posting is by Anna Sakagawa, my guest blogger. (I am presently away from Tokyo, and will resume posting in mid-January). Chim↑Pom latest group exhibition “Good to Be a Mummy” features three of their favorite artists. This exhibition could be seen as a spin-off to their previous solo show, “Good to Be Human,” that […]

Fantasies and Fairy Tales at Kagurazaka

Saori Miyake, “flood, curtain,” 2009, gelatine silver print, 45.7x 56 cm Courtesy of Yuka Sashahara Gallery Saori Miyake’s current exhibition Constellation 2 is a sequel to her earlier solo show at the Yuka Sashahara’s Gallery. Almost all the pieces on view are “photograms”—images made directly on film by taking advantage its light sensitive properties. Miyake’s […]

The Creatures

Installation view at the Foil Gallery Risa Sato’s multimedia installation at the Foil Gallery is all about her “Kohachi” creatures. Sato invented them some ten years ago, gradually building an entire cosmology around these little but “immeasurably fierce” characters. In the current exhibition, the artist’s second solo showing at the Foil after a five year […]