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Kunst Oktoberfest’10

Akio Ohmori, Wolpertinger in the Full Moon, 2007, h 24 x w 24 x d 5 cm, Bronze and stainless steel. Lower Akihabara Gallery. No in-depth analyses this time around, just a few pictures from the route: The weather was dramatically wet—Tokyo was hit by a typhoon on that day. Dungeon space at Lower Akihabara […]

Tokyo Wonder Site: “Silent Voice” opening & artist talk

Left to right: Marwa Arsanios, translator, Kyungwon Moon, Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook. Tokyo Wonder Site opened their latest exhibition “Silent Voice” that showcases the works of four artists: Marwa Arsanios, Nesrine Khodr, Kyungwon Moon and Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook. With the exception of Moon’s oil painting Green House #3 (connected to her HD film Superposition), all the works are either video […]

CASHI opening for Toshihiko IWATA

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ULTRA003 at SPIRAL GARDEN: 10.28.-10.31.

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Highly Recommended: Kunst Oktoberfest’10

Next Saturday, October 30th, join fellow art & beer lovers on the gallery hopping tour co-sponsored by contemporary art galleries in Tokyo’s Central District and “COEDO” brewery. Shuttle buses will be serving three routes with connecting points among them. You can board the buses at any stop, or do the whole tour starting with the […]

“Psychological Interiors” at Tokio Out of Place

Mayumi Terada, Door and hanger 1002 / 2010, 25x40x15cm. Image courtesy of the gallery. Tokio Out of Place gallery’s new exhibition, curated by Mako Wakasa, is a group show of four New York and Boston-based photographers: Gail Albert Halaban, Lisa Kereszi, Mayumi Terada and Shellburne Thurber. Although very different in style, all the works reference the […]

Andrew Guenther at Motus Fort

Hotdog Nap, 2009, photograph, 10 3/8 x 10 1/4 in. Image courtesy of the gallery.