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亜 真里男 Mario A. 「新日本画(お茶室)」”Shin Nihon-ga” (Tea-house) 2010年 油彩・キャンヴァス・F40 2010, oil on canvas, 80.3×100 cm Mario A.’s week-long show is opening at the Bunkamura Gallery this upcoming Wednesday, June 30th. For more information check the gallery website.

Chihiro Kabata "事象の地平線 /Event Horizon"

Chihiro Kabata is showing her latest work (yes, she is very prolific!) at Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery. While every work in the show is done in her trademark purple ink, there are two interesting new developments. First, there is a small work where the markings are linear so that their ball-point origin is not immediately apparent. […]

Yuta Hayakawa at Gallery αM

Yuta Hayakawa, installation view at αM Also in Bakurocho, just a few blocks away from the Motus Fort gallery, the Muashino Art University’s gallery αM, is now hosting the new installment of their six-part series Complex Circuit—an exhibition by Yuta Hayakawa. The works, with one exception all from 2010, are monochrome and are put together […]

Kadar Brock "Conjuring and Dispelling"

Arcane Gate, 2009 Marker, spray paint and house paint on paper Image courtesy of Motus Fort gallery Jeffrey Chiedo’s Motus Fort gallery is now showing the works of Kadar Brock. The key word of the exhibition is “conjuring,” in reference to the conflicting modes of painting and the obscured words and textures that come and […]

Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki, “Koki No Shashin : Photographs of A Seventy Year Old” 2010, RP Direct print, Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery With the big anniversary exhibition “Koki No Shashin : Photographs of A Seventy Year Old” at the Taka Ishii gallery having just closed, “the ultimate photographer” is featuring more of his latest work in […]

writtenafterwards + Makoto Tanijiri and more

There is a new (commercial) art space in town, it opened just last month. TABLOID is self-described as a “complex culture place….where work and play are created.” Their next event is coming up this Saturday, June 12th, and looks quite interesting because it involves the very artists-designers that made a big splash at S/S 2009 […]

"PSYCHOANALYSIS: Gazes on Photo and Video Art from Austria"

Markus Schinwald, Ten in Love, 2006, 35mm film on DVD, 4’37“ The Tokyo Wonder Site in Shibuya is hosting an exhibition of (mostly) video and photo art by eight Austrian artists. The show examines how the country’s psychoanalytical heritage, that came to be seen as one of its biggest cultural imports, relates to the varying […]