FREE FALL: Exhibition by Xavier Veilhan

Xavier Veilhan’s exhibition at the newly refurbished Espace Louis Vuitton in Omotesando is on the opposite end of the art establishment spectrum from Tokyo Wonder Site’s WAKUWAKU show with its young crowd and lively but haphazard works. Veilhan is showing four new sculptures: the Tokyo Statue, Regulator, Free Fall nos. 1-3 and Stabile no.1 (all 2011). Aside from the Warhol-influenced Free Fall (that made a perfect background for January 14th champagne reception), the three other sculptures are in an anachronistic dialogue with Russian Constructivist sculpture. Yet, the show is definitely worth seeing because of the way it accommodates the light and airy space of the gallery punctuated by the white steel beams that frame its wall-sized windows.

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