ASU film production program: FALL 2011 Capstone Film Projects


Last night the young ASU film makers from the school of theater and film were showing their new works that ranged from Andric Booker’s music videos to longer features by Ryan Zweig, David Breschel, Liz Mignarri and Jesus Quinonez. There was an expected amount of gore (in two of the movies hands were severed, thereby only strengthening the victims); a deceptively sweet band of mass murderers, and a couple of vampires praying on illegal Mexican immigrants—a local twist. By far the most coherent murder narrative of the night was Heyley Kosan’s witty and beautifully produced musical comedy feature “The Understudy” in which a devious yet adorable young actress murders the lead so she could take her place. She triumphs, briefly, until she herself succumbs to behind-the-curtain villainy of another understudy. Produced by Bret Leviton with original score by Neal Schrodetzki.

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