Kosuke Ichikawa, "Murmur"

I will follow up this posting with a proper exhibition review, in the meanwhile, I strongly recommend you see Foil Gallery’s latest show which features fifteen works by Kosuke Ichikawa (in the photo above). The artist works in an unusual medium of incense, pigmenting or burning designs onto the sheets of washi paper. The images on display contain his memories of the woods as seen in the dark, with only a flashlight lighting the way. According to the artist, this was the first time when the subject of his work was a living thing. Hence the title of the show—”Murmur,”—the sounds still circulating through the paper avatars of nocturnal forest.

Untitled, paper and incense, mounted on wood panel, 1050 x 1060 mm, detail
The works are finely presented, with the artist’s latest creation (the image at the top) placed on the axis with the entrance, and another, a lush composition with endless shades of black—a focal point of the entrance space.
An absolute must see.

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