Chihiro Kabata "事象の地平線 /Event Horizon"

Chihiro Kabata is showing her latest work (yes, she is very prolific!) at Shinjuku Ophthalmologist Gallery. While every work in the show is done in her trademark purple ink, there are two interesting new developments. First, there is a small work where the markings are linear so that their ball-point origin is not immediately apparent. A colleague of mine pointed out that the parallel lines in this image seem to imitate a brushstroke taken across the surface and back, something like Roy Lichtenstein’s cheeky “brushstroke” in his Big Painting No. 6 (1965). The second departure from Kabata’s floating ink shapes comes in the site specific installation placed in a separate room. It consists of a strip-shaped three part mirror crossed with a jagged ink line that runs across its whole length, turning the corners with the mirror itself.

The exhibition will be up through June 27th.

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