Yuta Hayakawa at Gallery αM

Yuta Hayakawa, installation view at αM

Also in Bakurocho, just a few blocks away from the Motus Fort gallery, the Muashino Art University’s gallery αM, is now hosting the new installment of their six-part series Complex Circuit—an exhibition by Yuta Hayakawa. The works, with one exception all from 2010, are monochrome and are put together compose a palpable, if bizarre, landscape of oversized pebbles, white florescent tubes, a hydraulic sculpture, a spinning bottle attached to a nearly invisible fishline sting, and a bifurcated sculpture made of wooden planks. The latter goes by a soothing title of It’s all right. The cohesion of the works on view makes Hayakawa’s exhibition look more like an installation, a bit too smooth perhaps, but also coherent and very zen.

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