Shirokane Art Complex Openings

The first exhibitions of the new year in the Shirokane art complex were a bit underwhelming. Kodama gallery held a group show “ignore your perspective 11” featuring the works of Sunao Horikawa, Masahiro Sekiguchi, Keisuke Sugimoto, Hidekazu Tanaka, Mayuko Wada and Shuhei Yagi. Some of the artists represented were moved up in the ranks from the second floor (young artist) space in the gallery’s Kyoto space to the gallery’s Tokyo space.

Another group show, at Nanzuka Underground, combined the works of the Tokyo-based Hiroki Tsukuda and Tomoo Gokita and a young Belgian artist Rinus van de Velde. The exhibition was loosely based on the theme of graphic representation, showcasing the ability of the three artists to handle the subtleties of gray scale.

Yamamoto Gendai, who is currently having one of their artists as the subject of a spectacularly produced solo show at the Mori museum, started the 2011 with a solo show of Tiger Tateishi’s work. Online Radar presented three large canvases that have been held in a corporate collection from 1994 (the time of their production) until now.

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