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This Saturday: Shirokane Art Complex Joint Exhibition

Kodama Gallery, Nanzuka Underground, Yamamoto Gendai and London Gallery will be welcoming you to “Shuffle,” Shirokane Art Complex joint Exhibition. The reception will be held April 2, 5 to 8.   


Opens February 19th at Nanzuka Underground.

Shirokane Art Complex Openings

The first exhibitions of the new year in the Shirokane art complex were a bit underwhelming. Kodama gallery held a group show “ignore your perspective 11” featuring the works of Sunao Horikawa, Masahiro Sekiguchi, Keisuke Sugimoto, Hidekazu Tanaka, Mayuko Wada and Shuhei Yagi. Some of the artists represented were moved up in the ranks from the […]

Shirokane Art Complex openings

Maoya Kishi backronym 1, 2010 mixed media 50 x 50 x 127 cm Last weekend the four galleries of the Shirokane art complex opened their next round of exhibitions. Kodama gallery presented, for the third time, Maoya Kishi’s installations. The new show—backronym—contains a selection of Kishi’s mixed media nonrepresentational sculptures with just a hint of […]

Recent Openings: Kodama & Nanzuka Underground

Tatjana Doll photographed with SPEED_Shinkansen Bullet Train 2011 enamel, acrylic, 2m x 30m (10 pieces), 2008 Image courtesy of Nanzuka Underground The new exhibitions in Kodama Gallery and Nanzuka Underground Gallery (both in the Shirokane Art Complex) serendipitously, address speed and movement, but do so in different ways. Kodama presents a collection of video/sonic work […]

Openings: Kiyosumi and Shirokane Art Complexes

Another night of openings in the Kiyosumi and Shirokane art complexes. Tomio Koyama Gallery presented video works of the Daiwa Foundation Art Prize winner Marcus Coates. His video work Dawn Chorus (2007) is a set up of several screens that show people in their natural habitat lipsynching bird songs recorded in the woodlands of Northern […]