Kohei Nawa "SYNTHESIS"

Kohei Nawa is one of the young Japanese artists whose work is successfully promoted by Scai the Bathhouse gallery. The 2010 is forming to be something of an annus mirabilis for Nawa: he is participating in the Busan Biennale, as well as representing Japan at the 14th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh. His current projects range from collaborations on mobile phone applications to public art installation in Odaiba. In addition, he is planning to open a new studio in Kyoto from where he will implement and supervise his various undertakings.

Last night’s opening at the Scai was one of the best attended I have seen in a Tokyo gallery so far. Among the works on view were the centerpiece PixCell-Double Deer and its head-only version. The first gallery had a wrap-around drawing installation, more drawings were displayed in the larger gallery and upstairs.

The show will be on through the end of October.