Shirokane Art Complex openings

Maoya Kishi
backronym 1, 2010
mixed media
50 x 50 x 127 cm

Last weekend the four galleries of the Shirokane art complex opened their next round of exhibitions. Kodama gallery presented, for the third time, Maoya Kishi’s installations. The new show—backronym—contains a selection of Kishi’s mixed media nonrepresentational sculptures with just a hint of kinetics in them.

Two floors above, at the Yamomoto Gendai gallery, Masakatsu Takagi had a two room video installation. The larger of the rooms contained three channel projection of a rather interesting and intensely visceral animation Ymene. Takagi’s oneiric pyrotechnics contrast with Kishi’s constructions in its emphasis on the random.

Taku Anekawa, mixed media, episode.7 moro

Somewhere in between these two shows is Nanzuka Underground’s new exhibition of Taku Anekawa’s embroidery books and large format collages. Just as Kishi, Anekawa pieces together the fragments (in his case, pieces of fabric and machine embroidery) to form his own ideosincratic narrative.

The fourth opening reception was held at the London Gallery, one floor above Yamomoto Gendai. Unlike its three neighbors who show only contemporary works, London Gallery features old Japanese art, although does so surroundings designed by none other than Hiroshi Sugimoto himself. The screen in the photo above is most certainly worth a visit to the Shirokane complex.

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