In memory of Dave Hickey

I wrote this piece following Dave’s passing November 12, 2021. It was published in the January 2022 issue of The New Criterion magazine. Click on the image to read the full text.

I met Dave in 2012, and three years later we embarked on a project based on his Facebook writings. The result was two pendant volumes, Wasted Words and Dustbunnies, which explored Hickey’s mood over the eighteen months he engaged in debates on social media. It also gave a rare glimpse into what could best be called his verbal ephemera—bon mots and musings that would not necessarily make it into the critic’s honed writings. Times Literary Supplement published a review of the books. A series of in-conversation events in Las Vegas CAC, Site Santa Fe and the UCLA Hammer Museum followed.

Contemporary Arts Collective in Las Vegas, NV, 03.05.2016, Photo Credit Check Salgado
Site Santa Fe, Santa Fe, NM, 04.15.2016
UCLA Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA, 05.12.2016