“Ornaments” Daisuke Nakayama at Kodama

Images courtesy of the gallery.

In his new exhibition at the Kodama gallery Nakayama works with early Modernist landscapes and still lifes (think Cézanne), presented and framed as they would be at the turn of the twentieth century, adding geometric fragments of brightly-colored tape. The effect is very interesting, not in the least because it recalls Suprematist geometry. This overlapping of tape shapes and the painted fragments seems like a tongue-in-cheek art-historical commentary more than anything else. Very interesting works, I only wish the artist had skipped the glazing—it is certainly not a part of old-fashioned framing and it interferes with looking at the objects.

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  1. ozgaka says:

    It’s good to see the fine art of decoration presenting a critical position within the contemporary art exhibitions of Japan.

    Often the idea ornamentation and fine art appear to be overlooked. Artworks that are imbued with some kind of decoration that resonate a visual sensual pleasure for the audience to gaze at is extremely hard to construct, it’s not easy, so well done.

    Kind regards

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