Clear Your Calendars for Sunday, March 14

On Sunday, March 14 Tokyo will add another contemporary art initiative—3331 Arts Chiyoda, to the very happening network that goes under the umbrella name of Tokyo Wonder Site. The new three-story art center will open in a renovated high school building in Akihabara, and will incorporate a variety of spaces, labs and galleries housed in the former classrooms. There is not much on the Arts Chiyoda website in their statement of purpose section (although the initiative name explanation is a gem), but a close look at the schedule page is very promising. The center’s inaugural exhibition “Look if you like, but you will have to leap,” consists of six separate projects whose shared goal is to engage the viewers, and to promote artistic collaboration that straddles the making/looking divide. For all the utopianism of3331 descriptions their featured exhibitions look fresh and exciting. I am certainly looking forward to going!