Wonder Seeds 2010: Katsuhiro Maeda

untitled (無題)

Copyright (c) Katsuhiro Maeda All rights reserved.

Amongst the one hundred budding artists, showcased in this year’s Wonder Seeds exhibition held at the TWS in Shibuya, there are several whose works could grace the walls of Tokyo’s better galleries. More or less arbitrarily, I would like to comment here on two of them. The first is a graduate of the Tama Art University Katsuhiro Maeda (class of 2002). The painting on display at the Wonder Site (each participant was represented by a single entry), was a non-objective composition in which small colorful shapes outlined in black were floating above the gilded Nihonga background. Because the wooden panel that served as the support was not varnished, the combination of these matte shapes with organically reflective gilding was highly contrasting and, at the same time, complimentary. Maeda found a very successful way of combining traditional Japanese art with contemporary investigations of space and color: neither upsets the internal balance of its counterpart, both are indispensable for the final work.

The second young artist is Hiroko Sasaki, I will do a separate post about her shortly.

The sale of the works from the show is conducted by the Gallery Tagboat.

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