Roppongi Crossing 2010

This year’s Roppongi Crossing exhibition poses a mega-rhetorical question: “Can There Be Art?” We know the answer, of course, but for the sake of doing a convincing lineup of the new talent, the Mori Art Museum built the show around the theme of street-generated art using the works works of young Japanese artists. Similarly to the VOCA exhibition, the Roppongi Crossing participants were chosen by a team of contemporary art professionals, in this case three Mori curators. But unlike VOCA that limited itself to the two-dimensional works, the Mori show offers a variety of different media. The exhibition will culminate in the allocation of the “People’s Prize” which will be announced on June 13. If you visit the exhibition by June 8th you will have a chance to put your vote in the ballot box. I copy below the list of artist whose work will be on view from March 20 through July 4. Do not miss Artists’ Talks on March 20th and June 5th (both 14:00 to 16:00) and check the “Public Programs” page for performance times.

Aikawa Masaru
Amemiya Yosuke
Aoyama Satoru
contact Gonzo
Dumb Type
HITOTZUKI (Kami + Sasu)
Kato Tsubasa
Koganezawa Takehito
Morimura Yasumasa
Rogues’ Gallery
Shiga Lieko
Suzuki Hiraku
Takamine Tadasu
Teruya Yuken
Yahata Aki
Yokomizo Shizuka
Yoneda Tomoko