The inaugural exhibitions in 3331 Arts Chiyoda complex proved to be as exciting as I have anticipated. The renovated space of the former school had just enough of the old spirit to make the venue not seem white cube commercial, yet, the remodeling of the classrooms-come-galleries was to a high standard—in the fully finished spaces (some are still under construction, others have not been tackled) even the doors were tagged with exhibitors’ names in the way a nice gallery would do done it. The works on view varied in size and approach with a good range of media and expected viewer participation—the “Look if you like, but you will have to leap” was more than a vain threat.

Hopefully, 3331 will continue to thrive as an exhibition venue to showcase the young talent, and, starting in September, as a hub of training “those wording towards a professional engagement in the arts”—this program will start with a short tester course in May.

Please consult the 3331 Arts Chiyoda page for more information about this intitiative.