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Image courtesy of AES + F A Russian collective AES + F has finally made it to Tokyo. Their first show is being hosted by the Hong-Kong based Art Statements gallery. The group of four artists (Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovitch, Evgeny Sviatsky and Vladimir Fridkes) have been in business since 1987, surviving the now-booming, now-dead Russian […]

"Lullaby" by Miwa Yanagi

“Lullaby,” 2009, 12 minutes, edition of 5, image courtesy of the gallery Kyoto-based photographer Miwa Yanagi is known for her series of images that examine actual and mythical female identities. Her heroines are devoid of commonplace anxiety of time-triggered decay; they only gain from aging that brings the long-sought liberation from their circumscribed societal roles. […]