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Tuazon & Einarsson exhibition review

For your reading pleasure: here is a link to the scathing Tokyo Weekender review of the latest Rat Hole gallery exhibition.

Happy New Year! Top Tokyo Exhibitions of 2010

To celebrate the glorious end of Tokyo’s 2010 exhibition year I put together the list of three of my favorite shows of the year. For the sake of even distribution I picked one show by an emerging gallery, one show by an established gallery and one museum show. Venue: TANA Bookshelf Gallery Exhibition: SHIBUHAUSE installation […]

“Sex Booze Weed Speed” at Rat Hole

The new Rat Hole Gallery exhibition is a two person show with a catchy title “Sex Booze Weed Speed.” The two artists, American, Paris-based Oscar Tuazon and Norwegian Gardar Eide Einarsson put together a selection of works loosely based on Minimalist and Pop Art idioms. The installation is site-specific. Tuazon and Einarsson began to collaborate […]

Nobuyoshi Araki

Nobuyoshi Araki, “Koki No Shashin : Photographs of A Seventy Year Old” 2010, RP Direct print, Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery With the big anniversary exhibition “Koki No Shashin : Photographs of A Seventy Year Old” at the Taka Ishii gallery having just closed, “the ultimate photographer” is featuring more of his latest work in […]

"Lullaby" by Miwa Yanagi

“Lullaby,” 2009, 12 minutes, edition of 5, image courtesy of the gallery Kyoto-based photographer Miwa Yanagi is known for her series of images that examine actual and mythical female identities. Her heroines are devoid of commonplace anxiety of time-triggered decay; they only gain from aging that brings the long-sought liberation from their circumscribed societal roles. […]