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Katsuhiro Maeda “Hardcore of Japanism”

Katsuhiro Maeda, untitled (無題) 2010 ジャケットサイズ(300mm×300mm) アクリル・顔料インク・パネル Katsuhiro Maeda’s newest works will be on view at Kouzome-Bijitsu gallery in Minami-Asagaia, the show will open tonight. Since his last exhibition in 2010 Maeda, whose work could be best described as Neo-Nihonga, added some somber tones to his formerly vibrant palette. Katsuhiro Maeda, untitled (無題) 2011 S10号(530mm×530mm) アクリル・顔料インク・パネル Also, last […]

Wonder Seeds 2010: Katsuhiro Maeda

untitled (無題) 2009  230mm×230mm アクリル・顔料インク・紙 Copyright (c) Katsuhiro Maeda All rights reserved. Amongst the one hundred budding artists, showcased in this year’s Wonder Seeds exhibition held at the TWS in Shibuya, there are several whose works could grace the walls of Tokyo’s better galleries. More or less arbitrarily, I would like to comment here on […]