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Yuta Hayakawa at Gallery αM

Yuta Hayakawa, installation view at αM Also in Bakurocho, just a few blocks away from the Motus Fort gallery, the Muashino Art University’s gallery αM, is now hosting the new installment of their six-part series Complex Circuit—an exhibition by Yuta Hayakawa. The works, with one exception all from 2010, are monochrome and are put together […]

Erika Verzutti "Chopping Board"

Sheep, 2010, pen and acrylic on board, 21x29cm This was the artist’s first solo exhibition at Misako & Rosen, who showed her last year along with another Brazilian artist—Tiago Carneiro da Cunha. Verzutti’s latest work is done in the spirit of inter-media experimentation. She explores familiar surfaces and unfamiliar pigments and, as she put it, […]

Gallery αM: "Complex Circuit" Vol. 1. by Yukihiro Taguchi

Contact Zone by Yukihiro Taguchi: installation view, main gallery Last Saturday Gallery aαM inaugurated the first in the series of six shows united under the name of “Complex Circuit.” The first artist is Yukihiro Taguchi, a Geidai graduate based in Berlin. Taguchi describes his work as performative installation. This exhibition consists of an installation of […]