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Zenshi: Kyoichi Tsuzuki “HELL”

Kyoichi Tsuzuki ”HELL”April 22 – May 2812:00 – 19:00Wednesday – Saturday and appointmentreception: 4.22 (Fri) 18:00-

This Friday: Misa Shin Gallery Opening

Utopia # 003, 2008 Up: 103 x 165 cm Down: 100 x 165 cm Following Ai Weiwei’s inaugural installation Cube Light Misa Shin will be showing a selection of works by a Korean photographer Back Seung Woo. The exhibition entitled Blow Up will feature some haunting images shot in North Korea. It is scheduled to […]

Tonight: Kodama Gallery in Kyoto Kohei Kajihara Opening

If you still have time to make it to Kyoto (or you are there already), here is a poster for the new show opening tonight at Kodama Gallery Kyoto.

Nagoya: Yui Suzuki at Yebisu Art Labo

Yui Suzuki, installation view. Image courtesy of Chisako Izuhara Yebisu Art Labo is faithful to its name: it is a laboratory space for artistic experimentation. The exhibit “Iruikonin-dan” (“The Story of Different Kind of Marriage”) by Yui Suzuki is less for the public than for the artist, serving as a break for the evolving artist […]

Masahiro Sekiguchi “reverse/revolve/repeat”


Opens February 19th at Nanzuka Underground.

Mancy’s Art Night: February 19th & 20th

This two-day art fair starts at 3pm and will run until midnight. The opening party is at 9:00 pm tonight. Local exhibitors include nca/nichido contemporary art, Galerie Sho Contemporary Art, Gallery Terra Tokyo, Gallery Tagboat, YUKA CONTEMPORARY and Wada Fine Arts. Please visit the venue site for more information.