Evan Holloway’s “Scry if you want to” LP released June 29

Last November I visited Evan Holloway’s Los Angeles studio to tape our conversation for his upcoming exhibition “Scry if you want to” at Xavier Hufkens. It consisted of three new bodies of work: abstract paintings referencing 16th century writings by the inventors of Enochian magic John Dee and Edward Kelley, large-scale automatic drawings, and welded assemblage sculptures. Evan also recorded several songs, which were to be released this summer as an LP. Edited video of our conversation has been available on the gallery website, but now the entire transcript has been published as well. It is included in the LP package together with 1:1 reproduction an automatic drawing from the show, an etched reproduction of John Dee’s “Golden Talisman,” and lyrics printout. It is available for sale on Bandcamp.com. More information in the links below.