Lucky Fortune: ZENSHI and Yuka Sashahara Share Gallery Space

Akiko Yanagimoto, Self-portrait Buddha, 2008, ceramics, 18 x 16 x 10.5 cm
This inaugural joint exhibition of several artists represented by ZENSHI and Yuka Sashahara opened last night at the old ZENSHI location. Its title—”Lucky Fortune”—references the auspicious events of the New Year, and the works in the show offer a range of light-hearted and playful ways to celebrate it.

One Comment

  1. Eric says:

    The lack of face is interesting from a Buddhist perspective, although I hesitate to claim anything too specific. Buddhism deals a lot with identity and ego, here emphasized by the missing face. One famous story involves a teacher asking a student to look at a mirror or polished tile to see a buddha, and of course the student sees his own reflection— this illustrates that there is buddha-nature in everything. The lack of face also accords with the idea of "no-self", meaning there is no fixed nature or identity to anything— our conceptions of ourselves are just illusions based on habit. On the more problematic side, there are strict instructions for people who have achieved spiritual growth that they should not flaunt it or represent themselves as having more advancement than they do— like presenting themselves as a buddha if they are not. This “Self-portrait Buddha” may be involved with any or all of these issues.