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Zenshi: Kyoichi Tsuzuki “HELL”

Kyoichi Tsuzuki ”HELL”April 22 – May 2812:00 – 19:00Wednesday – Saturday and appointmentreception: 4.22 (Fri) 18:00-


During the G-TOKYO extravaganza at the Mori Museum the younger galleries that form the NEW TOKYO CONTEMPORARIES consortium will be holding their own day-long event. Scheduled for February 19th, the event is comprised of a day long exhibition of the artists represented by the seven galleries (Ken Sasaki (AOYAMA l MEGURO), Tatzu Nishi (ARATANIURANO), Masayoshi Hanawa (ZENSHI), Dale […]

Lucky Fortune: ZENSHI and Yuka Sashahara Share Gallery Space

Akiko Yanagimoto, Self-portrait Buddha, 2008, ceramics, 18 x 16 x 10.5 cm This inaugural joint exhibition of several artists represented by ZENSHI and Yuka Sashahara opened last night at the old ZENSHI location. Its title—”Lucky Fortune”—references the auspicious events of the New Year, and the works in the show offer a range of light-hearted and […]

New Tokyo Contemporaries 3

Starting January 26th (and though February 21) a group of young but important galleries known as the New Tokyo Contemporaries will hold a series of events and exhibitions related to the theme of contemporary culture and business. Among the participating galleries are: AOYAMA/MEGURO, ARATANIURANO, Take Ninagawa, ZENSHI, MISAKO & ROSEN and Yuka Sashahara Gallery. Lotte […]