ARTFORUM Critics’ Picks: MeeNa Park at the Kukje (Seoul)

BK0, 2009, acrylic on canvas, 90 x 160 cm. Photographer: Sangtae Kim, photo courtesy: artist, Kukje Gallery.

My review of MeeNa Park’s recent work has just been posted on the Artforum Critics’ Picks. This RISD graduate is having her first solo show at the Kukje Gallery in Seoul.

One Comment

  1. art-refugee says:

    Deconstructing the apriori histories of uniformed shapes whether it be a circle or cruciform into an idiosyncratic vision would be extraordinarily hard achievement for any artist, this may well be due to the enormous historical power that such symbols have upon the audiences vision(memory).

    Nonetheless, it’s good to see an artist have the passion to attempt such an idea, especially if the paint traces contain all the intentionalities of the praxis notion and placed as such on the canvas.