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Kodama Gallery: Olaf Breuning

This Saturday: Shirokane Art Complex Joint Exhibition

Kodama Gallery, Nanzuka Underground, Yamamoto Gendai and London Gallery will be welcoming you to “Shuffle,” Shirokane Art Complex joint Exhibition. The reception will be held April 2, 5 to 8.   

Kyoto: Kodama Gallery

Tonight: Kodama Gallery in Kyoto Kohei Kajihara Opening

If you still have time to make it to Kyoto (or you are there already), here is a poster for the new show opening tonight at Kodama Gallery Kyoto.

Masahiro Sekiguchi “reverse/revolve/repeat”

Shirokane Art Complex openings

Maoya Kishi backronym 1, 2010 mixed media 50 x 50 x 127 cm Last weekend the four galleries of the Shirokane art complex opened their next round of exhibitions. Kodama gallery presented, for the third time, Maoya Kishi’s installations. The new show—backronym—contains a selection of Kishi’s mixed media nonrepresentational sculptures with just a hint of […]

Kyoto: Kenji Nohara "Cloudy to Fine Play"

The Kodama Gallery in Kyoto just closed their latest show of Kenji Nohara.This is the artist’s third exhibition with Kodama, the previous one was held in Tokyo last November. There were several already familiar works (a plant-like sculpture whose trunk is “planted” in a large pot and whose with molecular-looking leaves have the underside of […]