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Making NFTs Great Again

In economic terms, the purchasers of Trump’s NFTs are not producers but consumers. They play no part in the creation of the cards’ value, which they only enjoy passively. In political terms, they are not citizens but subjects. They do not constitute a self-governing community; they have projected their own power onto an alien idol. In aesthetic terms, they are not critics but fans. Their role is not evaluation but praise, for by praising the product in public they increase its value.

The “Boho Dance” goes on

Exactly one year ago Christie’s procured a sale of a non-fungible token for an eye-watering sum of US$69,346,250. Since then, my friend and former colleague Professor David Hawkes and I have co-authored a series of articles on the subject of NFTs: their relationship to other currencies, their lack of aura, and their use for art […]