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Super Window Project at Art Cologne

Conversation About Abstract Objects by Super Window Project

This exhibition is a testament to the perseverance of contemporary art scene in Japan. For details please visit the FB page for the event. More information is posted on the gallery website. 

Kyoto Openings: “In Absentia” LG Williams at Super Window Project

Click here for gallery website.

LG Williams “Salaryman/Superman” at Tana Gallery Bookshelf

LG Williams, Salaryman/Superman, 2011, installation view Tana’s director Tamura Williams’s Kyoto Gallery dealer Baron Osuna of Super Window Project (right) and Williams’s Tokyo Gallery dealer Tamura (left) Still independent curator Shai Ohayon and Beatriz Inglessis The SHIBUHOUSE gang from left to right: Nakajima-san (aka DOPE MAN), Toshikuni-san and TAIKI-SAN (the 3rd house leader) Tana’s latest […]

CLOSED By LG Williams / Estate Of LG Williams At Super Window Project, Kyoto, Japan

On November 19th, Baron Osuna’s Super Window Project launched CLOSED, their first solo show of the Los Angeles artist LG Williams / The Estate Of LG Williams. I was traveling at the time of the opening and could not be at the event so this posting is necessarily delayed. Here are some links from the […]

Kyoto: Bouke de Vries "PIECES"

Bouke de Vries, Pieces, 2010, detail Glass, mirrors, variable dimensions, image courtesy of the gallery Kyoto’s Super Window Project & Gallery is temporarily pausing its activities at their Motoyama Kamigama location to concentrate on various international endeavors (starting with the gallery presenting their artists at Artissima 17). In anticipation of this seasonal closing, the SWP […]

Kyoto: Super Window Project

This and the following few posts should have come out weeks ago, after my recent trip to Kyoto in early July, but were set aside because I was on a deadline for the last round of corrections on my book, and had to handle the usual end of the term papers/exams/grading routines. I am done […]